Digital treasure in the real world.

What is trove?

Trove lets you store digital photos, videos, audio and more in physical space. Leave an item, and the next person to visit that spot will be able to pick it up in exchange for an item of their own (even money!)

It's the invisible floating treasure chest you always wanted but never had.

The trove app alerts users when they are near a trove.
Once in the trove, users can view treasures left by previous visitors.
In order to unlock a treasure, they must leave an item of their own.

How does it work?

We've created two versions of trove, each unique in its own way. Both versions use Parse to take care of storing our data magically within a physical location.

The iOS app takes advantage of Bluetooth technology using Estimote Beacons. It connects an external server to a local beacon, turning the beacons into digital boxes. This results in accurate small-scale interactions.

The Android app uses GPS to create troves in specific spots in space. This version is more scalable and resembles a sort of digital geocaching.

How can I get Trove on my phone?

We'll be setting people up with trove at the science fair.
Check back here for our table number!