Assorted Goods

Pretty things with less words.

If this portfolio has managed to overwhelm you with letters, this is the place for you. A varied list of posters, coding experiments, type studies, and drinking apps with little to no explanation. Enjoy!

Color Search

I was bored in a liberal arts class so I built a color search engine. Try it out:

Since I made this in under an hour, I figured it would make a good workshop for Design & Code. There I explained why yellow didn’t work properly.

Common Misconceptions

The Typography Studio assignment was to create 50 cards in the same theme, designed with 50 classic typefaces.


white cards
black cards
Packaging concepts
Packaging concepts for the final cards.
The final box. Held a set of black and white cards, and one red cover card.

Motion Graphic

What originally started as a Typography Studio assignment turned into much more, and I ended up creating my first serious motion graphic out of it.

Holy Grail

A project in collaboration with Piper Black and Atif Azam for Designing for Touch.

The idea was to create a smart beer glass with sensors to tell how full it was, a sort of display, and bluetooth capabilities. We would then couple it with an app with responsible drinking assistance and novel or classic drinking games. We had fun with the concept but took the project seriously. We put together a research plan and conducted ten interviews to see whether the concept held water. It kinda did, so we started building the app’s architecture and screens.

app architecture
app wireframes
holy grail sketch

I put together the visual design, and illustrated glasses of beer.

app architecture

Then we scripted and shot a demo video. We edited it in iMovie. Talk about lean.

demo video
A shot from our demo video.


Robert Vinluan, Bryan Espinosa, Peter Kim and I mashed up Super Mario Bros and Limbo, then made a NES cartridge that worked.

limbros packaging
The Limbros packaging and cartridge.

Check the game out in this video. I apologize for Peter’s gameplay.

Beygale Pass

The Beygale Pass is a large cuisine club card in Israel that provides culinary deals. I designed the content site, where information about available deals lives.

The Beygale Pass website



These were originally for an Art Direction assignment, for which we had to rebrand the Central Park Zoo.

subway ad for central park zoo
Oh my god where did this ad come from?????? Note: not a real ad.

Jon & Sapir’s Wedding

Two friends of mine loved my sad face illustration (you know, the one I use for everything) so they asked me to design their wedding invitations.

John Sapir WIP
John Sapir WIP
John Sapir

Websites at Parsons

A few websites designed for various projects.


A project in collaboration with Robert Vinluan, where we explored how to crowdsource wit.

The Beygale Pass website


For Art Direction, we had to rebrand the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. I rebranded them into the SDSP—Save Dogs, Save People, as a way of making the value clearer. I also did a heuristic evaluation of their site and found it lacking. The new site is more minimal and clear. I wanted the donation process to be more transparent, so the final site takes inspiration from watsi, a wonderful nonprofit that funds medical treatments.

the site


Random work of no consequence.


At some point I decided to learn lettering. It didn’t stick. These are my only pieces.

copious amount of alcohol
do the right thing

Graphic Design

The Trap
Dream Collage
Dream Collage
John Sapir WIP