Joel Califa

Joel Califa is sad unless he's working on interesting projects, such as:

Common Misconceptions After Effects, InDesign, Ignorance

Slaughterhouse 22 InDesign, Cynicism

ADAM Processing, Arduino, Tape, Awkwardness

Rendezvous After Effects, Photoshop, Awful Editing Skills

Accept Joel PHP, HTML/CSS, Photoshop, Vanity Go to site

Do Share Pretty Buttons, Beautiful Interactions Chrome Web Store

Coursie Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, A Deep Hatred towards Blackboard

Beygale Pass Photoshop Again, Gluttony Go to site

Feastly Illustrator, Kind of tired of listing Photoshop Go to site

Eco Green Building Not saying it this time, The Power of Heart

Crypt Demo Jquery UI, Raphael.JS, never hacking anything Go to site

This and That precious time that could have been spent watching tv

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