Helping improve a voice-based design critique app.

In late 2015, I signed up for Context, an app said to make design critique better and faster. At the time, I was thinking of growing our team at DigitalOcean to include remote designers. An app like this could be indispensable.

The Context Logo

Daniel, the company’s founder, happened to be in New York and saw my registration. We talked and met over coffee. He showed me the prototype for the app and I was impressed. It was rough around the edges but I saw a ton of potential for changing design workflows within my team. I gave Dan some feedback he found valuable, and he hired me on as a consultant.

Dan and I discussed possible ways I could add value. We landed on a thorough heuristic evaluation as our first project together. This would shed light on different areas for improvement and inform our next steps. It would also be valuable to the team regardless of whether I stayed on.

I put a deck together which outlined my thoughts, critique, and recommended next steps. It’s a long deck, so desktop viewing is highly recommended.

Click on the deck or use your arrow keys to go back and forth between slides 🔑

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If you’re interested in a similar evaluation of your product, shoot me an email.