This is Joel.

Joel is a professional problem solver.

He builds teams, refines strategies, designs products, and codes things.

He’s been at it for over 16 years now.

Since Photoshop 5.5, table-based layouts, Internet Explorer 5 and these buttons.

Yeah ok, but where does he work? 🤔


These days he’s VP Design at Heap.

Reimagining product insights. (You should join him).

And before that?


He led design on Pull Requests at GitHub.

Crafting better developer workflows for over 65 million engineers.


He led Product Design at DigitalOcean.

He built the team and led them in improving aesthetics and consistency, and maintaining simplicity as the product grew in complexity. Read more...


He built social outreach tools at Amicus.

At Amicus he helped non-profits such as HRC, DCCC, and Moms Demand Action turn their volunteers into fundraisers and advocates. Read more...


He worked with some 😍 clients & friends.

The following is a sample of consulting work and side projects.

That’s great, but honestly, this third person thing is getting obnoxious...

He doesn’t always write in third person!

On his design blog, he almost exclusively writes as himself. Promise.

Thank god. And why does he look so sad?

He’s not! Joel’s neither sad nor upside down.

You should work together and see! Reach out at or @notdetails.